Pricing transparency


Typical Fees (Purchase/Sale of a Freehold or Leasehold Property up to £750,000). Our fees are calculated using a simple percentage and  are subject to a minimum fee of £700 plus VAT and a maximum of £2,000 plus VAT.

Conveyancing is a complex process and we will provide a more precise estimate on request when the details of the property in question are known.  Matters that may increase the price we charge include (but not limited to):



of the sale price plus VAT.



of the purchase price plus VAT.

  • If title to the property is unregistered at the Land Registry
  • Any documentation is missing in relation to works carried out to the property
  • If any of the services are private or there is a management company
  • If there are any defects in the title
  • If additional searches are required

Mortgages and settlements

If you are obtaining mortgage finance we also charge £150 plus VAT for dealing with your lender’s instructions. Whether on a sale or purchase we charge £40 plus VAT for the preparation of any same-day electronic bank payments required (for instance in repaying a mortgage or transferring funds to the Seller’s conveyancer on completion). In addition, the following disbursements will usually apply:


Usually £10 to £20 for obtaining official copy documents from the Land Registry although there may be some additional costs in obtaining copy documents from the Local Authority or other bodies where you are missing some paperwork.


Search fees – These usually comprise the Local Authority, Drainage & Water, and Environmental searches and the fees vary depending on the locality.  Usually £350 to £500.

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) – this is a compulsory tax on most purchase transactions and will vary depending on your circumstances and the price you are paying for the property please use this link to the governments SDLT calculator:

Land Registry registration fees – a fee is payable to the Land Registry when we apply to register a transfer of ownership.  Please use the following link to the governments LR fees calculator where for most transactions you will need to select “Transfer of whole for value”: